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Here we've compiled a collection of some commonly required web sites that have additional resources that may be handy for employees and employers. (The information presented on these sites is not managed by Prosperity PEO).

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State vs Federal FLSA Requirements

State payday requirements

Federal vs. State Family Medical Leave Laws

FLSA Handy Reference Guide

Current State Minimum Wage Rates

Min Rest Period Reqmnts/ State Law -Adult Employees -Private Sector

Meal Period Required St Law -Adult Employees - Private Sector

Min hrly cash wage -tipped employees -State minimum wage laws

Dollar threshold amt -contract coverage -State prevailing wage laws

State child labor laws applicable to agricultural employment

State regulation of door-to-door sales by minors

Employment provisions in State compulsory school attendance laws

Employment/Age Cert Issuance Practice -St Child Labor Laws & Programs


Federal Site Links


Social Security Administration - Home

U.S.Dept of Treasury - Home

State Site Links

St Child Support Disbursement Unit Contacts
State DOL Wage and Hour Departments
Current State Minimum Wage Rates